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Why choose Eko Finance & Home Loans?

Eko Finance and Home Loans specialises in providing personalised mortgage broking services to customers throughout New South Wales. Our highly qualified team of experts work with our clients to find the best solutions for their particular situation, without having any vested interest.

Our goal in every circumstance is to find the best loan or opportunity for your individual situation, regardless of where it comes from. We can assist you in buying a home, refinancing your home loan, investing in a property, debt consolidation and car financing, as well as helping to assess your overall financial position.

Whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned property investor, we’re here to negotiate the right home loan for you. Instead of going to a big four bank who only seek to further their own interests, try a mortgage broker who actually cares about your past, present and future finances. 
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Easier Access

The first step in our consultation process is a one on one, face to face meeting at a location of your choice. It could be at your office, home or at your favourite local coffee shop.

Throughout the entire process our goal is for you to be comfortable about the decisions involved.

Fast Results

Through our wide network in the financial industry, we strive to find the right financing for you in a timely fashion. Don’t miss out on the perfect loan opportunity from lengthy administration processes.

Allow us to scour the country for the best possible deal in
no time at all.

Customer Focused 

Here at Eko Finance and Home Loans, we work for you and not for the bank. By personally discussing your current financial circumstances and objectives, we can tailor our services directly to your unique needs. 

While we work closely with banks every day, we are always on the side of the customer, trying to find the best possible loan for you and your family.

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